Best Electric Blankets for Cars

roadpro 12vAutomotive electric blankets are specially designed for people from the colder climates in the world to keep them warm while travelling. You just need to plug in the heated travel blanket, get cosy in it and you’re instantly more comfortable. These are big enough for two people to share in a vehicle and are very handy to have especially when you are travelling with children. These can be easily heated using the 12-V cigarette lighter output and you’re ready to go. These blankets heat up quickly and are simple to use, easy and of course highly portable.

Road Pro 12-V fleece heated travel blanket

Road Pro heated blanket is the highest quality travel blanket,  made of 100% polar fleece, it proves itself to be extremely soft and very comfortable. You wont have any trouble staying warm with this fleece styled electric blanket while travelling in the winter. This blanket is quite big and can cover a lot of area. Easily foldable and stored in a zip bag which is provided, it is extremely easy to carry about on your many travels. This is a perfect fit for cars, camper vans (RVs) and other vehicles and comes with an impressive 8 foot power cord so no issues reaching your kids in the back. The LED indicator light shows when it is “on” as a safety precaution. Road Pro travel blanket comes with the following features:

  • 100% polar fleece
  • Easily foldable
  • Plugs directly into the lighter socket
  • 8 foot power cord
  • LED indicator
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • 15.6X13.3X3.3inches
  • Perfect for cars, campers and other vehicles
  • Includes zipper bag for storage
  • A reliable travel companion

Road PRO 12V travel blanket is very soft and comfortable because of its polar fleece and keeps you warm while travelling. Its quality is great and does the job perfectly. A great product for the elderly and particularly those suffering from arthritis, as it provides sufficient heat and comfort while on the move in cold weather. Highly recommended for all travellers.

MAXSA Comfy Cruise 12V electric blanket

MAXSA Comfy Cruise electric blanket is a very safe model and has an auto timer which shuts off after 45 minutes, so no need to worry about any hazards. Perfect for cars and most other vehicles, this comes in a large size and can easily cover two people and the cord is long enough to reach your passengers (be they little people or otherwise) the back seat. You simply need to plug it into the cigarette lighter socket and hey presto. Comfy Cruise is made of 100% polyester fleece making it soft and cosy. This blanket is protected by a five amp fuse and saves a lot of energy.  Highly recommended, this MAXSA product comes with following features:

  • Perfect as a travelling companion
  • 42X58 inch
  • Plugged into the cigarette lighter socket
  • Big and can cover two people
  • 100% polyester fleece
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves energy
  • Auto temperature control
  • Auto turn off timer after 45 minutes
  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • Warms up in seconds
  • 7 foot long cord
  • Safe and lasting

MAXSA Comfy Cruise is the top travelling partner for you or your passengers during cold weather as it warms up and provides just enough heat to take off the chill. Due to its polyester fleece, it is ultra smooth and soft, cosy and comfortable. Perfect  in size and offering all the features you could desire make this product worth its price.

Best King Size Electric Blankets

sleepwell electricElectric blankets are designed ensure a warm and cosy sleep even during the most fearsome winter nights. Fitted with thin electric wires that gradually heat your bed before you enter into it or throughout the night while you are cosily and comfortably asleep. This goes a long way in keeping you warm and can even help in reducing your heating bills. Electric blankets come in various styles and sizes. Today we’re looking at the best king size electric blankets for the larger bed size.

Sleep well luxury cotton king size heated blanket

Sleep well’s luxury cotton heated mattress is luxuriously made of 100% cotton and is beautifully quilted to keep you cool in summer, warm and cosy in winter. It takes just 10 minutes to heat up, has 9 different settings (4 all night + 5 pre heat settings) and an automatic shut off for safety. This luxury blanket comes in different sizes in order to fit your need. It can be washed in the washing machine at 40*C and can even tumble dry it as it can simply and easily be detached from a mattress protector. This blanket provides dual controls for extra warmth at night, and is perfect for couples as it allows each side of the bed to be set at different temperatures (no more arguments) and also comes with a generous 3 years guarantee. Sleep well luxury blanket comes with these excellent features:

  • 100 % cotton and quilted
  • Placed flat on the bed and fitted with an elasticated skirt
  • Energy saving
  • 9 different heat settings
  • 200 X 150cm
  • Auto shut off
  • Has a countdown timer
  • Box weight 3kg
  • Machine washed and tumble dry
  • Heats within 10 minutes
  • Safe to use through the night.

Sleep well luxury blanket is great for its perfection. It is light weight and has plenty of choice when it comes to its controls. No problem in fitting and dual control setting keeps the bed warm on both sides and also turns off automatically after 75 minutes if set as required. With this dual controller you can keep one side of the bed cool and the other side warm according to the need. I feel this is a great and useful product which can be described in just one word, that is, “excellent”. Very easy to set up, great comfort and puts you to sleep as you enter into it. Highly recommended, this deserves a 5 star rating and is absolutely a must for every house which needs to beat the cold nights comfortably.

Home front premium king size luxury fleece electric blanket

Home front premium luxury fleece electric blanket is a fully fitted electric blanket which fits perfectly around the mattress, just like a bed sheet. This is fully machine washable at 40*C and is even completely safe for tumble drying. The blanket comes with a dual control design which is perfect for separate heat control of both body and feet, so no more sticking your feet out of the bed to keep them cool. Needs just 15 minutes to heat up and has in built timer settings. It is over heat protected and shuts down automatically if there is any problem. This blanket is ultra soft made of fleece for more comfort and peace. Awarded and commended as the best buy electric blanket, this premium and luxury fleece blanket comes with following features:

  • Over heating cut off protection for your safety
  • 203X182cm
  • Four different settings which can be timer controller
  • Machine washable and tumble dry
  • LED display digital controller
  • 9 heat bed settings, 9 alternative foot warmer settings
  • Needs just quarter of an hour to heat
  • Fully fitted fleece blanket
  • Box weight 6kg
  • Body and feet sections can be set up at different temperatures.
  • Power usage 120w
  • Detachable plug and controls
  • 1 year warranty

Home front premium fleece blanket is an extremely well made and quality product which deserves all of its accolades. With an excellent dual control feature, quick heating and separate controls for both bed sharers is an amazing feature. The size fits perfectly and needs no pulling and stretching. This blanket acts as a faithful (and warm) friend when you are tired after a workout or have achy joints, as the heat relaxes your body and you tend to sleep comfortably.

A fantastic electric blanket, Home front premium is a highly recommended and 5 star rated product which will exceed all your expectations. Surely a best buy, making winter nights more cosy and a lot more bearable.