Best Single Electric Blankets

morphyrichardsdElectric Blankets are very useful and effective in warming up your winter nights, especially for those of us going solo in a single bed. This is an electric heating device which is either placed above the top bed sheet or below the bottom bed sheet. These blankets have control unit which adjusts the flow of heat of the blanket. They can be used to pre heat the bed before use or can also be used to keep the bed warm while you are sleeping. The Electric blanket works like a heating pad as it has a heating element which is inserted in the fabric and when plugged in, it starts heating up your bed. This has a temperature control unit which cleverly manages the heat in the blanket. Some electric blankets use carbon fibre wires to heat which are less heavy and much easier and comfortable to carry. Like bed sheets these blankets also come in different sizes to fit your bed.

MORPHY RICHARDS 75183 Washable single electric blanket

This under blanket provides you a warm and restful night of sleep even in the winter. This is easy to clean and can be washed in a washing machine and is tumble dry safe as well, a great feature for an electric blanket. This is BEAB approved and follows four heat levels to give extra comfort to your body when at rest. Provides extra foot warmth and can heat the bed quickly keeping control over the temperature all night. The safe guard protection prevents the blanket from overheating. The under blanket is placed on top of the mattress and held with tie tapes to keep it firm whole night.

It comes with following features:

  • 122X 61cm
  • Weighs 699g
  • 4 heat level
  • Extra foot warmth
  • 100% polyester used
  • BEAB approved
  • Safe guard protected
  • Machine washable and tumble dry
  • Tie tape cords
  • Light and comes with control unit
  • Contains ultra thin wires for ultimate comfort

MORPHY 75183 Blanket is an excellent product as a muscle relaxant while you are asleep as it relieves stiff and sore muscles and joints as well as keeping you toasty. It warms up quickly and you feel so comfortable and cosy that you fall asleep within seconds of lying in your bed. I will highly recommend MORPHY 75183 for all ages and people as it is worth its price and a great bed time friend.

Dreamland INTELLI heat fleece heated single under blanket

Dreamland INTELLI heat fleece under blanket is specially made of soft fleece to give you more comfort while sleeping. This heats up in 5 minutes and saves lot of energy due to its INTELLI heat system. The 6 temperature settings are easy and clear to use with auto shut off timer and LED digital control. The tie tape cords help to hold it in place whole night. If there is any rise in temperature, the sleep guardian safety protection system automatically reduces the power supply to the blanket and above all, if you spill something on the blanket, the guardian will automatically turn off the power. So this is highly protective also. Comes with smart and unique features:

  • INTELLI heat technology
  • LED digital control
  • 100% soft fleece polyester
  • Machine washable at 40*c
  • Tumble dry
  • Auto shut off timer
  • Consumes less energy
  • 6 temperature settings
  • Heats up in 5 minutes
  • Sleep guardian safety system
  • Weighs 748g boxed
  • 150X80cm
  • Total body relaxation
  • Double control option
  • Extra foot warmth
  • Comes with 3 year guarantee
  • made of soft fleece for extra comfort

Dreamland INTELLI is a wonderful electric blanket which is easy, comfortable, reliable and friendly in all aspects. Its size, automatic timers function and extra foot warmth adds comfort and ease throughout the night. As you enter into the blanket, you feel so cosy and comfortable that you can fall asleep within seconds.

I feel it is a highly recommended and highly rated under blanket in the market, which surely will make getting into bed a really wonderful experience.

Precautions to take when using an electric blanket. Safety features to be followed:

  • Replace your blanket after every 10 years
  • Always buy a safety standard mark product
  • Buy a new blanket, not a second hand one!
  • Cool and fold
  • Never use a wet or moist blanket
  • Never use a torn or wired exposed blanket