Best Sunbeam Electric Blankets

sunbeammicroThere are lots of companies and manufacturers offering electric heated blankets in different colors, styles, and sizes but how do you know that these throws are actually quality and safe? How can you find the perfect electric blanket for when you wrap yourself around it while you’re sleeping all night long? What are the safety precautions one should know in order to use this kind of product appropriately during cold times? And above all, in spite of the tough competition in the market, which brand should people trust? Just because there’s a huge selection heated blanket available doesn’t mean you should just buy it without any information and knowledge about how it works. Consider these questions as your guide before purchasing your own heating blanket so as to avoid any kind of damage that may lead to serious problems.

One of the many manufacturers you should consider when it comes to heated blankets is Sunbeam whose expertise is solely dedicated to creating quality, reliable, safe, economical and energy saving heated blankets. Some of the brands they work under the heading of include Royal Mink, Microplush, and many other state of the art heated bedding items. The products they manufacture have the same features and heating system. It’s the kind of fabric they use that distinguishes this exceptional electric blanket brand from the others.

The recommended Sunbeam Electric blanket we’re going to look at first is the Sunbeam Microplush, which is a plush and good looking blanket that will fit in with the decor of your room, offers extremely comfy microplush material, has an easy control system which you can hold in your hand and even intelligently responds to your body temperature. It is 50 x 60 inches, and fortunately for cleaning purposes, is perfectly fine to be washed in the machine. This model claims to be America’s Number 1 heated throw style electric blanket.

If this is your first time purchasing your own electric blanket, the wires inside the heated blanket may be a bit new to you as electricity flows  through it and yet you wrap it around yourself all night long. However, the good thing about sunbeam heated blankets is that its heating system is designed to automatically adjust to the overall warming fairly and instantly. Just so you know, sunbeam heated blankets shuts down automatically after three hours. This feature is very helpful and advantageous especially when one drifts of to sleep, not remembering to turn it off while he or she is sleeping comfortably. In addition to this, the heating control of the blanket comes with three settings which include low, medium and high. For those who have already bought themselves sunbeam heated blankets, the quality and warmth is really evident.  In terms of the electrical cord, it’s also not a big problem as it has a good length which allows you to have a position wherever you can sleep comfortably. The heated blanket also comes with all of the necessary safety precautions so even if it’s just your first time to buy it, you won’t have a problem using it.

With these kinds of features, Sunbeam’s reputation in manufacturing heated blankets is definitely and undoubtedly credible and solid. It’s something that you can recommend to your friends, coworkers and even to others who seem to be interested in buying heated blankets but don’t know which one to purchase. With a good choice of heat setting and outstanding safety features, particularly the auto-shut-off, sunbeam blankets is  definitely the brand you’re looking for.